The European Citizens Crowdsourcing (EUCROWD) project aims to raise awareness of the possibilities and to develop the skills at national and European level for using innovative channels of e-participation of citizens in politics and policy with a focus on the application of crowdsourcing in fostering a democratic debate on the future of the European Union. As Daren C. Brabham has defined the concept, it’s about

“An online, distributed, problem-solving and production model that leverages the collective intelligence of online communities to serve specific organisational goals”


Project goals aim to 

Plan a framework for crowdsourcing pilot at the EU level

Create an online repository on citizens’ crowdsourcing

Provide policy recommendations on how
crowdsourcing can support debate on the Future of Europe

General objective is to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level. The project has an ambition to further evolve as sustainable partnership of civil society to advocate digital democracy at the EU level. For further information, please see INePA’s project site.


Project partners

Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA) Slovenia
European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) Belgium
Stichting Netwerk Democratie Netherlands
Science For You (SciFY) Greece Latvia
Open Ministry Finland
Démocratie Ouverte France
The Democratic Society United Kingdom


Towards a Crowdsourcing Pilot at the EU level

ECAS Towards a Crowdsourcing Pilot at the EU level

Read European Citizens’ Activity Service’s research on 27 Crowdsourcing cases and draft framework for crowdsoucring pilot at the EU level. In addition the paper contains assesment of exisisting EU citizens’ participation platforms.



The EUCROWD project has been funded with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme 2016 of the European Union under activity Democratic engagement and civic participation and sub-activity Civil society projects.

Europe for Citizens Program